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Ace of spades classic

ace of spades classic

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Quick, I need CNN to instruct me that the leftwing media do not support antifa in between explicitly supporting them on their opinion shows and therefore are not responsible for their domestic terrorism.

What a piece of shit mattyglesias is. Domestic terrorism as a strategy, explained pic. Here's a meme going around, which I think is true: These NPCs don't have human empathy.

They're developmentally disabled as far as empathy, like sociopaths. Little children gain the power of empathy through imagination and experience.

They know what it feels like to be physically hurt; it makes them cry. For a period, they cannot imagine what it might feel like to someone else to be hurt, and they laugh at other's hurts; but eventually, the power of empathetic imagination develops, and they can see themselves in the other person being hurt, and they link it to their own memories of being hurt, and they feel empathy.

Empathy makes us human, obviously. The Voigt-Kampff test from Blade Runner could tell a robot from a human being based on the subject showing, or not showing, the physical signs of empathy for another living being.

These NPCs are very much like human-shaped robots. They are incapable of seeing other people and wondering what terror feels like from their perspective.

I can't "dehumanize" them. They dehumanize themselves, then openly brag about not being quite human.

The thing is, you can't teach him empathy. He's past the age when little children learn it. He's a sociopath for life.

Meanwhile, the partisan propagana outlet Washington Post's "conservative" columnist Jen Rubin offers some perfunctory, insincere criticism of antifa, but then suggests that Sarah Sanders should be given the Chase Them Out of Restaurants treatment:.

Note that Jen Rubin has previously defended SmashRacism and antifa's "protests" of people in restaurants: I guess she's surprised that they took her support and decided to escalate it into "home invasion protests.

Who could have seen it coming, that encouraging and supporting a terrorist group could lead to escalation?

Don't mistake me or him ; what happened to Tucker's wife and children is horrifying and must be dealt with in the firmest possible manner.

But this shit has been going on for a long time and I didn't see Megyn Kelly complaining too much when antifa was cracking skulls with bicycle locks.

And who knows, maybe they won't really do much for Tucker beyond sending some Sternly Worded Tweets. But a lot of the Cuck Right has been pretending the escalating violence of the left is no big deal because to admit otherwise would weaken their position that we should cede all political power to the left to protest Orange Man Bad.

Because the extreme left are their quasi-allies in this fight, and because they cannot admit our current political position is perilous and not the time to surrender to violent leftwing mobs, they have to pretend that it's no big deal if bands of antifa are beating the shit out of people in the street.

CNN is the network which featured Chris Cuomo defending antifa violence, claiming that it was a better kind of violence than the violence which might be offered by its victims.

He doesn't bother to mention that antifa is the one that starts the attacks and that there is usually zero violence offered by its victims.

They're too busy bleeding from a headwound from a bicycle lock. CNN is the network which featured Don Lemon claiming that the mob that harassed, threatened, and chased Ted Cruz out of a restaurant were "just people who were upset," and further riotsplained that this "was not mob behavior.

The specific group Don Lemon defended was SmashRacism , which is the same group that just attempted to smash through Tucker Carlson's door when his wife and children were in the house.

When Matt Lewis brought up SmashRacism -- again, the very group that just attempted a home invasion of a journalist -- and its chasing Cruz out of a restaurant, calling it mob behavior, CNN's Brooke Baldwin again defended SmashRacism, claiming it wasn't a "mob," and in fact forbidding the very word from being uttered.

So we have CNN repeatedly defending antifa's tactics, and we have them repeatedly defending the tactics of this particular sect of antifa, SmashRacism.

Trump never defended this guy, supported this guy, or suggested, as Chris Cuomo did about antifa beating people up, that "not all bombs are equal," with some being more virtuous bombs than others.

Well, here, we have a network that has repatedly defended, supported, and encouraged the very cell of antifa which is now attempting home invasions against journalists at rival networks -- will CNN claim any responsibility for excusing and encouraging their antifa allies?

Not only will CNN not claim responsibility, or apologize for its previous apologism for antifa, but they'll barely cover it on their precious air.

But when a violent domestic terrorist group that CNN has repeatedly supported threatens a journalist, busting through his door and chanting "We know where you sleep at night!

We know how to fight! Not hot, omnipresent, and crusading, as it was when they were oh-so-worried about a "device" which was not a bomb, determined to fix responsibility on their political opponents.

The time is coming when the question "What will CNN say when we begin encouraging our own extremists to begin doing this to them?! This regime that CNN and the rest of the hard left is trying to Will to Power into being -- that violence against the right sort of people is justified, whereas merely taking away a jackass' press pass is a violent assault on the press -- is not tolerable and will not be tolerated.

I claimed that CNN had not covered the story at all. I had run four different searches attempting to find any story about this, using different words, like "protesters," and came up with zero stories.

However, apparently they called this group "activists," and I missed that one. I began my searches at This article might have just posted after.

It should be noted that this incident happened last night and most other media companies have had stories on it since early this morning, if not since last night.

A search of archive. A search of the Wayback Machine also finds nothing on this story, again suggesting that the searchbots haven't had time to find it yet, which again suggests this is a very late story.

She wrote that at So yeah, when I searched, from Despite this having been news since last night. I mean, it happened at 7pm, right?

Romney's most fervent desire is to be seen as some kind of great statesman who is above the partisan fray. Little does he realize that the few politicians who were able to project that kind of an image were ideologically grounded.

Mittens is simply an opportunist with a nice smile. And the opportunity he has just seized is to take a jab at the President of the United States, the man at the head of his party, and the man with whom is is supposed have a working relationship.

What a little worm Romney has turned out to be! I want to thank Jeff Sessions for his service to our country as Attorney General. Under Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, it is imperative that the important work of the Justice Department continues, and that the Mueller investigation proceeds to its conclusion unimpeded.

The man hasn't even been seated yet and he has to take a pot-shot at President Trump? How about a more honorable and loyal comment such as, "I welcome Mr.

Whittaker to this vitally important position, and wish him the best of luck. Whittaker will bring sanity to the overheated rhetoric emerging from the partisan investigation into supposed Russian tampering.

It is far past the time when the Department of Justice focuses on real crime instead of politically motivated witch-hunts.

I wonder whether Samantha Bee approves of this message? Got cut off in traffic by a jew. Someone get him some help I would have smacked him right on the nose just for the spittle flying everywhere.

Your right to free speech stops when you spray me with kale-flecked spit. What caught my eye was how well the artist captured the slopes of this little valley.

It reminded me of a place in which I spent a fair amount of my relative youth Before we delve into politics and the aftermath of the Midterms, there are a few breaking stories that take the lead.

Last night, a gunman opened fire in a California bar and killed 12 people, including a sheriff's deputy. Details are still sketchy so we'll be following as the story unfolds.

I don't know how that could've possibly happened in the land of Chi-Com Di-Fi, but prayers for the victims and their loved ones.

Now that the midterms are over, the Democrats are fulfilling their promise to return to civility by "collateral damaging" Tucker Carlson.

Evidently a mob showed up at his house yesterday, threatened him and told him to leave the country. When I say the Jews, I mean the ones that control the weather and worship at the "synagogue of Satan" as Herr Farrakkkan tells us, not the ones that reject the Torah and are rushing to get their foreskins reattached.

Unless they're transsexual and want the whole 4 inches. Considering the fact that America just sent two openly anti-semitic Muslim women to Congress, re-elected wife beater and Farrakhan disciple Keith Ellison, narrowly defeated anti-semite Andrew Gillum in Florida Florida!

This is today's Democrat Party, people. More on this in a moment but back to the Midterms. With the dust still settling after the midterms, I think it's getting a bit easier to put things into more of a perspective, so we can really kind of divine the tea leaves as it were and figure out a way forward.

On a tactical level, losing the House is to be charitable, suboptimal. That said it could've been much much worse as the Trump House lost the least number of seats in modern midterm election history.

Recall that Obama helped to wipe out his party in and really every election thereafter until now and all of the candidates he stumped for felt the shit-midas touch and went down in flames.

Unfortunately this did not have to happen at all. I swallowed the excuse that they were being term-limited out of their committee chairmanships as the reason for retiring.

Had even half of them stayed, the incumbency factor - RINO or not - might have preserved our hold on the House. And now, the ones that PDT called out yesterday are bitching and moaning and exposing their true colors.

At least, their exit from elected office will hopefully be a salutary effect on the GOP as a whole. And in the Senate, we have increased our advantage to at least 53 or 54 seats.

Several good links at the bottom of the politics section analyzing what it all means going forward. Beyond that, not even 18 hours passed since the polls closed that the Democrats in the House announced a full scale war on the President vis a vis impeachment of him and Justice Kavanaugh um, check your Constitution "Nads" Nadler, unless you burned it already.

The President, to his credit, is yet again attempting to be conciliatory and the Dems are rising to take the bait and are biting his hand in front of the TV cameras.

Nadler and now Schiff-for-brains I think have already driven the first big nail into their coffin for with this.

In any case, all of this prevents them from bringing forth any legislation that once again tightens the ratchet towards Socialism so that is a good thing.

Let them waste the next two years on all of this. But circling back to the now open insanity and raving America- and Joo-Hate that are official pillars of the Democrat Party platform, what got me and others down yesterday was the fact that we are looking at psychos like Gillum, Abrams, Loopy Fiasco, Sinema et al and aside from being repulsed think, man how can the Dems be so stupid as to run these fiends?

But that said, I came to the realization that there is a significant number of people in this country that look at these same people and see the equivalents of Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Thomas Paine.

An then a feeling of emptiness hit me in the gut and the question in my mind crystallized "Is the coming of Trump a harbinger of at least a shot at an American renaissance or, even if reelected, is it just speed bump on our inevitable decline and fall as the republic as founded?

The American experiment is a miracle of history, given the nature of mankind over the previous 10, years of organized civilizations and really the nature of man's DNA.

In any case, life is always full of surprises and we can never know the future. So live for the simple things and joys, put your faith in the Lord, and do whatever you can to piss off a Leftist at least once a day.

The other big story that broke yesterday is the ankling, finally, of Jeff Sessionszzzz as Attorney General.

He's being replaced in the interim, not by Rod Rosenpenis but by Matthew Whitaker, an open critic of the Mueller witch hunt and IIRC someone who would've liked to have seen Hillary prosecuted if not investigated - a real one, not a Comey one.

The Dems have absolutely gone insane with the geschrei of "Constitutional crisis! The functions of the Executive branch are limited to that of the Chief Executive.

I guess Judge Buch M. Danno in Honolulu has yet to weigh in. Christian Adams would be my choice, for no other reason than to sack he entire Civil Rights division as a giant flipping of the bird in Eric Holder's direction.

And that leads us into the realms of the Mueler witch hunt itself. The President still holds all the cards vis a vis declassifying all the documents to the aforementioned which no doubt would expose many Dems and Deep-Staters as the frauds and crooks that they are.

In other news, Rabbi Fischer weighs in on Jm. J Acosta, "Tank" Abrams' crew is desperate to force a runoff in Georgia I guess they didn't forge enough ballots , 1.

Florida Votes to Restore Voting Rights to 1. Signs of Hope in California? Quote I The late Jennifer Lynch, QC, then head of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, used to talk about "balancing" free speech with other rights - and, then as now, "balancing" is code for nullifying: If your right to free speech has to be balanced with people's "feelings", then as a practical matter there is no free speech.

Quote II Again, I bear no animus toward you. Your current scurrilous tweet alleging that I am a Nazi sympathizer only confirms your original unhinged posting.

So not only do you write recklessly and inaccurately, but you display a certain crudity perhaps unbecoming of a CEO of a corporation.

That you couch your views with an aura of self-assumed cultural superiority is really quite sad. Cheese is good stuff.

Can one improve it? One cheese maker is attempting to do so via music. But one cheese enthusiast in Switzerland has taken his passion to a new level.

Beat Wampfler of Burgdorf, Switzerland has been playing music from the likes of Led Zeppelin to his cheese to see if this will make it taste better.

Pass the popcorn, while the needles and shit are cleaned off the streets of San Francisco and billionaires duke it out. The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

The 2nd Amendment and the right to protect yourself really doesn't exist in Massachusetts. The USA has been involved in Afghanistan for quite some time.

It is time to evaluate our presence. Taliban is on the offensive and productive. The Taliban stormed yet another Afghan military base overnight, this time in the western province of Farah near the border with Iran.

All but three of the border policemen manning the outpost were either killed or captured, according to reports.

Farah is the fourth military base to fall to the Taliban in just the first six days of November. Loud pipes save lives Harley-Davidson to offer an electric motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson released further details on Tuesday about its forthcoming, highly anticipated electric-powered motorcycle, the LiveWire. The urban-ready design includes features including seven—or more—riding modes and a fully adjustable Showa suspension, which offers extra control for city riding conditions.

Riders will be able to accelerate the all-electric, aluminum frame bike with a twist of the throttle—no clutching or gear shifting necessary.

Their lawsuit can continue. The NRA claims, though, that state officials did more than just enforce insurance law, or punish the NRA and the insurers for violations of the insurance law.

Rather, the NRA argues, the officials tried to pressure banks and insurers who were subject to New York law which many major banks and insurers are, since they do business in New York to stop dealing with the NRA altogether—and that the reason for this was the NRA's politics.

District Court Judge Thomas A. McAvoy allowed the NRA's free speech claims to go forward though not their other claims.

Here's an excerpt from the opinion, NRA v. Cuomo, which I think is quite correct on this point: We've covered men changing their sex to female to get lower auto insurance rates.

Why not change your age to meet more 'ettes? November 7, , Ted Nugent won a National Squirrel-shooting contest after picking off a squirrel at yards.

The heavy metal guitarist also shot dead 27 other mammals during the three day event. Do we really need a reason to play some Uncle Ted?

Nah, I didn't think so. Double points for Caturday Night, amirite? November 7, , Reg Dwight Elton John and his song writing partner Bernie Taupin signed to DJM publishing, their signatures had to be witnessed by their parents because they were both under 21 years of age.

Taupin answered an advertisement for a lyric writer placed in the New Musical Express, the pair have since collaborated on over 30 albums.

Who has been a bad boy? You have been a very bad boy. Never heard of it. He was found dead Oct. There has to be an easier way to obtain money, unless you are a Genius Award Winner.

Sunday is not Dr. Ramana Rao has been providing free health care services to the poor for the past 44 years through his free clinic in Bangalore, India.

This is not what happened. You could have banned him simply for refusing to abide by any of the normal rules of the press room.

I mean, at what point do people admit to themselves that Ben Shapiro is more interested in promoting his Donor Supported Career and drinking conservative tears than advancing any kind of conservative agenda?

Ben Shapiro wouldn't lie to you. Except for minor things like who he supported in the election and why he's pretending he's now open to voting for Trump.

He's trying to launch a radio show and knows full well he won't get anywhere with his NeverTrump persona. So now he's pretending he's a "Sometimes Trump.

After supporting Hillary Clinton in and lying about it, you can now believe Not-Binary Ben that he's "open" to maybe supporting a conservative candidate over a progressive Democrat.

Did you really think Not-Binary Ben had some reason for his bizarre pirrouhettes besides self-interest and mercenary careerism?

So go on, keep giving him and his megabuck donors clicks, and keep buying his OwnTheLibs merch, in between listening to him piously scold you that you must not OwnTheLibs.

He's a professional Lib-Owner. It's a full-on revolt against this yapping chihuahua of a fascist grifter. The suggestion seemed to be -- and it was just a suggestion; it wasn't explicit -- was that this person would have more frequent CNN appearances if the media criticism were more tempered and more So when you see people lining up to defend CNN and you're wondering, "Why would they do that?

And remember, some of these people don't really have such a bright future in conservative media any longer. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable.

President Trump has given the press more access than any President in history. Secret Service just informed me I cannot enter the WH grounds for my 8pm hit.

Hey remember when the media and their friends the NeverTrumpers shrieked for two weeks over Corey Lewandowski grabbing Michelle Fields' arm?

Think it's more likely they stand stooped-shoulder-to-stooped-shoulder to defend the Sacred Honor of Honorary True Conservative Jim Accoster?

Jake Tapper Defends His Tribe. Alert the obese Alien Finder Tom Nichols. Since its discovery, scientists have been at odds to explain its unusual features and precise origins, with researchers first calling it a comet and then an asteroid before finally deeming it the first of its kind: A new paper by researchers at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics raises the possibility that the elongated dark-red object, which is 10 times as long as it is wide and traveling at speeds of , mph, might have an "artificial origin.

The astronomers are puzzled by its "excess acceleration" -- acceleration they say can't be explained by more mundane factors, like the pressure of gas being released from the object due to the Sun's heat -- and posit that maybe it has deployed a "light sail," which is a real though little-used method of passive propulsion by which one simply unfolds a very large and light sail and lets the outward pressure of the Sun's photons push a ship along.

Literally a sail that is pushed by light pressure instead of wind pressure. All of this is obviously boomer nonsense but I'm really tired so I'm not saying it's aliens but it is, to quote the show Tom Nichols is proud to be an "expert" on, it's definitely aliens.

Here's the actual paper proposing the "light sail" explanation for the object's "peculiar acceleration. It would be one thing if Flake were merely liked by our most marginal, liberal-leaning semi-voters.

Every party has a more liberal wing and a more conservative wing. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just something that has to be worked out by compromise and bartering.

But of course the "Super Conservative" Thought Influencer class -- which, in theory, should be trying to make the voting population as a whole more conservative, not more liberal -- is pretty keen on Jeff Flake, too:.

We could do worse -- and have. Why is it that our institutions are not merely overpopulated with but dominated by liberal Republicans?

Jonah Goldberg has been loudly bragging that he supports gay marriage since before Obama admitted he supported gay marriage. He also recently declared that he's basically or "essentially" pro-life, which is code for what I am: There's nothing scandalous about that -- any party should have, and will be strengthened by, a diversity of opinions on various matters.

But the pro-gay-marriage position is not a minority opinion in the class that rules the Republican Party.

It is the dominant position, and long has been. Do you really believe the conservative writers who are not chiefly on the pro-life beat are really very pro-life?

If they really were pro-life, they wouldn't always be shouting down pro-lifers agitating for a cause important to them, saying "Shhh! You're injecting divisive issues into the political debate!

Injecting divisive issues into the political debate is the only way of changing the status quo. Those who prefer to keep the status quo will shout down those "trouble-makers" and "Hobbits' trying to upset it.

They will claim their reasons are tactical -- "We just don't want to inject this issue into the election" -- but their real reason is substantive: They are not strongly opposed to the pro-choice regime, though they wouldn't mind a few restrictions around the edges.

Like me, but I've never claimed to be anything other than pro-choice with some restrictions. Similarly, the liberals crying "Don't talk about immigration!

They won't tell you the truth about this -- they'll just snipe at any effort to change the status quo -- because, like the actual progressive Democrats who are their kissing cousins, they have learned to hide their real positions from the Deplorables and Riff-Raff they rule over, concealing their actual position keep the no-enforcement status quo, grant DACA in exchange for They invent false reasons for opposing you because if they told you the truth -- that they disagree with you on substance, and not just on minor things but on foundational elements of conservative thinking -- you would correctly categorize them as "liberal" and no longer heed their counsel or buy their failing magazines.

Conservatives are consistently marginalized and dominated by liberals even in their own fucking political party. Why is the alleged conservative party's political class and media class absolutely dominated by liberal Republicans?

Shouldn't a conservative party be top-heavy with conservative thinkers and leaders instead of top-heavy with liberal Republicans, with only an occasional dissenting conservative allowed?

But these are not contrarian or dissenting positions in the current ranks! The current dominant -- dominant!

Not just a minority objection, but the dominant position among our "leaders" -- is that we must have Obama's Open Borders regime. We just don't want to call it Open Borders.

We want to pretend we're doing something while actually doing nothing. That's the dominant position among this class, and they'll blackball you from the Club if you make too much noise objecting to it.

A conservative party should not be structured so that liberals are empowered to marginalize and deplatform actual conservatives from positions of influence within the party.

Again, I don't mind Jonah Goldberg's social liberalism in the party's leadership structure. What I do mind is that Jonah Goldberg's social liberalism is the party's leadership structure.

Being socially moderate eh, moderate to conservative, depending on the issue myself, I wouldn't want to be purged from the party. I would say of myself, "Hey, there are people like me who vote Republican sometimes, and you can't just purge us all if you want to win elections.

Either way, our Leaders, if you can call them that, are not representing us on this issue, and not because of tactical considerations or because Trump doesn't "talk about it the right way.

And they will keep on lying to you about this until you confront them about it, the same as you'd confront the hostile progressive media about their lies.

Dana Loesch fought for him to remain in the race, because Dana Loesch is pro-life and feels, as many pro-lifers do, that a baby created by rape or some other terrible circumstance is still a baby and still a life, and so what Akin said, while inartful, was a perfectly respectable political position to hold.

Now, as I've said, I share Jonah Goldberg's real position on abortion: I'm mostly pro-life with tepid support of stuff like a 20 week cutoff and such.

For someone like me, who is pro-choice, Akin's position was indeed somewhat "extreme" and unforgiving. But what I couldn't understand is all of these alleged "pro-life" Republicans joining in the screaming at Dana Loesch for his alleged extremism.

Then it dawned on me: I'm not saying that a real pro-lifer has to agree with Dana Loesch's position. I'm just saying that it shouldn't come as a shock that must be shouted down with great vehemence and social-shaming.

It should be more like a debatable point where you go, "No, I can't go that far; you're wrong, Dana. And I started to wonder: Why don't the more socially-liberal or moderate Republicans forthrightly state that they're social liberals on this or that policy, so that people like Dana Loesch are not deceived into believing they represent a majority position?

I mean, from Dana Loesch's point of view: All of these conservatives swear on a stack of Bibles that they're intensely pro-life; why wouldn't she, or shouldn't she, take them at their word and assume that Akin's position, though maybe at the edges of what they'd prefer, was still a legitimate position?

Similarly, we have a lot of de facto Open Borders advocates who are cowards and will not admit they are essentially Open Borders advocates.

They lie to other conservatives and claim to support some conveniently nebulous, unspecified plan for enforcement, and yet object to every tangible enforcement step offered.

Maybe they're lying to themselves, too. Maybe they think they really are in favor of border security, in some hazy, not-very-thought-through way, and then perpetually find them outraged and disgusted by actual, tangible border control efforts.

Precisely because they never bothered to think about the issue except in a Checklist Conservative way -- Oh sure, I support border enforcement and oh sure, I'm super-pro-life too -- and so every time they're forced to examine the actual issue, they're surprised by what they see.

You mean to say -- if we enforce the border, we're going to have to tell hardworking migrants they can't come into the country?

That doesn't sound nice at all! I had no idea that excluding foreigners from our country entailed some exclusion! You mean if someone with a child is arrested for an illegal border crossing, we're going to have to separate the child from its parent while the parent is in jail?

Why I never considered That!!!! I basically think the Conservatism, Inc. A "thinker" caste which won't tell you what it actually thinks, or which hasn't even bothered to figure out what it really thinks before being asked to make a snap-decision on Twitter about something they never thought about before.

Is it too much to ask of our supposed Thinking Class to have thought more about major long-proposed policies than not at all?

The Democrats claiming they're not going to impeach Trump or Kavanaugh are lying. I rode the train down with an important incoming chairman of House Judiciary and heard about their plans to impeach Kavanaugh and Trump.

Jerry Nadler loudly broadcasted the Democrats' real agenda to a whole train-full of people. In post-election chats with various callers while riding the Acela train from New York to Washington, Nadler gave advice to a newly elected representative and discussed potential Democratic presidential nominees with another.

He also lamented identity politics and the thriving economy and worried about Democrats losing working-class voters while gaining elite former Republicans and suburban women.

Yeah, NeverTrump is made up of the hardest of hard-core Super-Conservatives. So conservative, in fact, that Nadler now acknowledges they are an unwelcome part of the Democrat voting coalition.

Are we going to keep pretending that obvious urban, socially-liberal, economically-moderate establishment types who are always calling the actual conservative base "crazies" and "Hobbits" are the most conservative of all of us?

Nadler was headed to DC for a two-day planning session with his staff and Judiciary Committee staff. The two discussed two routes for investigating new Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh.

The first is to go after the FBI for how they handled the investigation into unsubstantiated claims he sexually assaulted women. I've got a lot to say!

His other plan is to go after Kavanaugh because "there's a real indication that Kavanaugh committed perjury. Then he claimed that when Kavanaugh was "asked at a committee hearing under oath when he first heard of the subject, he said, 'When I'd heard of the Atlantic article.

In other words, Nadler finds out his claim of perjury is false, because there is proof that Kavanaugh didn't lie, but instead of saying "Oh forget that, then" he says something more like "Well how can we lie to get around the proof that he was telling the truth?

When the caller objected to the plan, Nadler pushed back, "That's not technical, that's real. Nadler said Russia investigations would be under a broad umbrella of holding Trump "accountable," since it's a more palatable argument than impeachment, that they would be going "all-in," and much of what they get to would be "depending on what [special counsel Robert] Mueller finds.

These people who blab loudly on tightly-packed trains and then have to beg reporters to not reveal the name of the party they were scheming with are now in control of national security, on the House side.

No media will cover this, including the news division at Fox, which is run by NeverTrumpers and who routinely block stories that could hurt their NeverTrump and Democrat pals.

And even though, by asking Mollie to withhold the name of the party on the phone, Jerrold Nadler implicitly concedes he said all the things that Mollie says she overheard.

You may see Mollie talk about this on the non-news side, like on Tucker, but the news side will completely embargo this. You will also notice a strong lack of interest from the NeverTrumpers who either openly or impliedly agitated for a Democrat takeover.

They don't like admitting that their little palace intrigues have actual negative consequences for the "conservative agenda" they allegedly support.

They don't want to admit they just helped the Kavanaugh impeachment along. They kind of knew they were doing exactly that -- but they don't want to admit they knew they were doing that.

Because he wrote an Op-Ed expressing his opinion that Robert Mueller had overstepped his authority. I'll tell you what: If this Whitaker guy really offers a firm and final rebuke of Schumer's gamesmanship, who knows, maybe he could be worthy of being AG.

And while the Democrats express outrage that Trump asked for Sessions' resignation, let's see what Democrats were saying last year In case anyone forgot, Jeff Sessions must resign as AG.

Could today be the day, as Michael Corleone says, that we settle all oustanding family business? Today ain't over yet, folks. Not fired, NBC is reporting -- but pulled off of all oversight of Russia-related, Muller-related business.

Acting AG expected to step in -- but can only fire Special Counsel "for cause". That makes sense, given that the acting AG hasn't recused himself and therefore should be in charge.

This is why the silly bitch Schumer demanded that Whitaker also recuse himself for absolutely no reason, of course. He wants to keep His Boy in place.

The Cucks are really whining now -- "Please let us continue with the FusionGPS political op we jointly funded with our political partners the Democrat Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign!

Or else you're breaking established norms!!! Established norms of using a partisan, unverified oppo file to open an FBI investigation just because Hillary Clinton needed to be able to say "There's an FBI investigation on Trump, too," to deflect from her real FBI-investigated crime.

Time for a newly empowered Mitch McConnell to repeat his view that the Mueller investigation needs to be left alone to finish the job.

With additional Senators coming into office, and fewer NeverTrump cucks, Trump calculates that he will be able to get a replacement AG through.

Okay, I don't want to be That Guy, but I guess we're finally done with the "Stealth Jeff" and Q Anon stuff about Jeff Sessions being a double-secret super-agent carrying out Trump's labyrinthine schemes?

Can we accept that most of the time the world is much as the world appears? That there's not always some Super Secret wheels-within-wheels scheme?

His failure to act over and over when it was clear as a leader he should such as when they were stonewalling congress on documents, defying direct orders from the president, etc made it obvious the man was not fit for the position at this time.

If we had a good DOJ that had not spent the last 24 years being infected by hard left radicals, he probably would have been the perfect choice.

But he either refused or could not see how many people were in his department who were far more interested in leftist power than justice and law.

A sharp observer I know said, "The Democrats looked for Jeff Sessions' pressure point, his sense of himself as a Gentleman of Honor and Amity, and they used that against him and squeezed it until he was empty of everything except compliance.

He didn't know What Time It Is. He still believed in the old rules. He didn't notice his opponents had discarded those years ago in favor of sheer Will to Power.

We could have used this, fellas. NeverTrump turns out to be remarkably good at knifing Republican politicians who don't like Trump. Which is only ironic if you think hardcore NeverTrumpers have the best interests of the GOP at heart.

Ben Domenech writes that Republicans proved they can win in purple states, whereas Democrats Yes, Democrats took the House, as anticipated -- the combination of retirements and the backlash of suburban voters overwhelmed a GOP where many of its members had become lackadaisical in their approach to doing the work required to win elections.

But when your most significant statewide victories for Democrats are defeating Scott Walker and Dean Heller, it's a far cry from how things looked pre-Kavanaugh.

So today we wake up to a Republican Party that is decidedly more Trumpian, having seen the elimination of its most moderate and Trump-critical members, and the support of those who embraced Trump emphatically on the campaign trail and in policy preferences.

The only candidate to win statewide who could be fairly described as a Trump critic is Mitt Romney, and even he will arrive in Washington to play the balancing game in a period of investigations and confirmations.

Last night, Van Jones spoke for many progressives in his sorrow: President Trump to Yamiche: And, another clip of Accoster of Women. White House aide literally in wrestling match with acosta over mic.

We should begin a petition to have Accoster of Women banned from the White House -- I can't imagine female staffers feel "safe" with him around.

Sometimes a bitch like Keith Ellison's girlfriend just needs a little attitude-adjustment from a man, I guess. Obama lost 63, Clinton lost 53, Trump lost That's pretty damn good.

I think his tireless campaigning in the weeks leading up to the election helped to staunch the bleeding. So it could've been worse. Besides, any day that Hillary is not president is a good day.

And the children never slept again. Who Is This Beauty? For submission guidelines and other relevant info, please contact FenelonSpoke, who is managing the prayer list.

You can contact her at. If you see a prayer request posted in a thread comment, feel free to copy and paste it and e-mail it to her. Going to have more chemo with lower dose.

Sulla thanks people for their prayers and asks for continued prayers for healing. He is going through a very difficult time right now.

He also needs a job and is waiting to hear on Friday about a phone interview. He has a new GoFundMe page: Prayers for comfort and strength for her and him and their family.

Weak Geek asked for prayers for the marvelous essayist, Ace of Spades, who is reporting health problems with increasing frequency. Prayers for healing for their condition.

Please pray for healing. Biopsy report from slice on jawbone and tongue were benign. Thanks be to God. Has to get stitches out of his neck.

He and Linda are feeling optimistic. Can go back to bowling in a week, but there will be several months before he is healed.

Keep family and friends in prayer for comfort and strength. The step kids grandfather just committed suicide after father had previously done the same.

They need prayers for comfort and strength. Boy has concern that this tendency might be something in the genes.

Prayers for comfort for family and friends. Please keep family and friends in pray. Hrothgar not seeing way to proceed.

He needs guidance and a way to get her the help she needs. Needs relief from pain, renewed faith and hope in God. Shakey" has skin cancer and spot on lung and fell and ended up having surgery and a biopsy for spot on lung Results due today Wife Angela also has cancer.

Both need prayers for healing. MIL has been dealing with cancer of brain. Physics Geek needs wisdom and guidance in figuring out care options.

Please pray for his healing Colon cancer is a really tough thing. He is grateful for the all the prayers, which lift him up. He is doing better and making progress in therapy, but needs help in social situations.

Fenelon ask that we also keep his dear wife in prayer too for strength too. He could use wisdom to know what to do and strength not to give up.

Please pray for Slap and family. Leggy's friend Diane has breast cancer and is very weak from months of chemo and can't get radiation unless she has strength for it.

Looking for a job in the Houston area in Loss Prevention. Please let me know. Please copy list and pray for earlier requests. Contact Fenelon at Fenelondirection18 gmail.

Please start your reelection campaign this morning. While I am pleased with your accomplishments, and the possibility of another or two!

Supreme Court appointment along with a sea change in the rest of the Federal judiciary fills me with glee, The possibility of a Democrat victory in is one that is too terrible to contemplate.

The midterms are always difficult, and you survived last night in reasonably good shape Fortunately I have no campaign advice to give you, and I base that decision on the reality that if I had been giving you advice in , this morning we would be halfway through a Hillary Clinton presidential term.

I do however have some comments. Your instincts with real Americans are marvelous; if you could make personal contact with every voter I have no doubt that your reelection would be a sure and wondrous thing.

But your enemies are entrenched everywhere, and their only mission is to manipulate your message. And what is that message?

Of course, but your work with the economy -- in particular regulation -- has paid dividends that are carefully minimized and hidden and even credited to others.

As a vile but clever political operative once said, "It's the economy, stupid! How to send that message without giving daily soundbites to the whores of the media is a difficult task, and one that I believe you can accomplish.

Our standing in the world has always been a difficult one to manage. As long as you support our friends and project strength, the American people will trust you, because the truth is that they don't really care what French academics or Canadian SJWs or British MPs think of us.

Keep our sons out of unnecessary conflicts and we will trust you with the rest. Most of all, always remember who your enemies are.

The elites of the Acela corridor gave their friends the Democrats victory last night. Does anyone really believe that a united Republican party would have lost that many seats?

Bipartisanship should be a dirty word in the mouths of all Republicans. It is the President It is not the purview of some back-bencher with delusions of grandeur.

Bind your allies in Congress to you with hoops of steel, and punish those who would defy you. If a purge is necessary, then do it with alacrity!

The American people reward decisiveness. Wednesday and as I'm sure you're all aware it's a bit of a mixed bag this morning in the wake of the Midterms.

On the plus side, the GOP had a huge victory in the Senate as we were able to kick to the curb four lousy Democrats and increase our majority in the upper chamber.

On the down side, we lost control of the House and there is no getting around the fact that the next two years of having insane criminals and scum like Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Cummings and Nadler doing their worst to just sabotage the Trump agenda along with attempting to corrupt as many on our side in the interest of "bipartisanship.

Watch "Fast" Eddie as he demonstrates how the riff for Ace Of Spades came about, and see the trio with the help of modern technology together on the same stage once again.

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Ace of spades classic -

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Ace Of Spades Classic Video

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spades classic of ace -

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